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Update on A Lesbian Video To Share via YouTube

I first wrote about my feelings about finding a very tender and erotic video unlike others that I have seen on youtube awhile back and solicited comments on how it made YOU feel when you watched it. I broke it down scene by scene, and didn't really expect anyone to do exactly what I did, but amongst the nice, however mono-syllabic responses with a predictable "it was good" and from a male "have you ever done that ?" (what ...kissed a girl ??? silly) I did get one jewel of a response from someone enlightened , erotic, and tuned in. I have asked her permission to post this and she gladly responded yes ... If you are new here and want to go back to the start, my original blog-post was at http://alesbiankiss2desire.blogspot.com/2007/07/commentary-on-lesbian-kiss-video-to.html.

A woman with introspect and an enlightened view writes:

Hey Brenda...First off, let me say that I loved the video.
Actresses or not, they made it very believable. It's something I'd
show my male friends or straight female friends when they ask what
it's like when two women kiss. Second, that's quite the detailed
synopsis you give on how the video unfolds, introspective for sure.
Now, my observations: I've always liked it when les couples have
contrasting hair colors and/or styles. I think it points out the fact
that two very different individuals can come together for something
beautiful when obvious attraction is involved. The eye contact is
amazing. This may have been a "staged" video but when they exchange
some of the glances they do I think they took great pleasure in
making it. I also liked the contrast in their lips. The brunette has
full, slightly darker lips whereas the blonde has thin pink ones and
neither seems to overwhelm the other, they take turns initiating each
kiss. The frenching was also well done. So many
> people are under the impression that when two women kiss it always
leads to tonsil-hockey marathons, which we all know isn't the case. I
also loved how they held hands in the upright, fisted position. My
partner and I love to do this when we kiss. It always rekindles
memories of past lovemaking because we both love to hold the other
down this way and just kiss for endless moments. And finally, when
the brunette gently bites her lower lip a couple times it absolutely
sends me thru the roof. It's one of the few "perceived" lesbian
actions that I actually wish I could experience more often. It's so
coy, girly and passive/aggressive, I just love it. Well, there you
go, my dissertation on the video. Hope that it was enlightening for
some and not to boring for anyones tastes.

Thank you for writing the response I hoped I would get when I posted that. Honest and erotic with the taste of your true experience.


Thank you for your gift of them to me. :)

Pictures and video show us so much ...but attach words to them and it cycles a whole different range of emotions ..much deeper. YOU are a much deeper person than most...I know this without having met you ...but your words inspire me to use mine to make people feel ...feel something .. FEEL something ...as your words made me feel. It is something to find a video that, despite being so staged, thanks to the actresses involved, doesn't look so much. I think they found something ..or had something going in ..and I wonder if they took it farther. Frenching. It absolutely zings me when a woman uses this term to describe a deep passionate kiss. I almost never ..almost never see "frenching" in any of the literature I read. Hand holding ..."upright fisted position" .... I think very few understand that hands ..to a woman who loves woman ..the vision of hands ..are studied as carefully as more traditional sexual images ...the hands are IT as much as lips, skin and in these images of women in passionate and intimate moment, eyes.

I LOVE what you shared with me

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