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Big Brother Lesbian Scene

I try to watch Big Brother when I have the chance. ..not always great, but sometimes its alot of drama. I notice that they always have gay guys ...always on the show...I can only ever remember one woman who was lesbian ..and she made it to the final two. (same thing for survivor...ever remember an out lesbian on that show ?) But..I am only talking about Big Brother USA ...apparently there is alot of BB all over the place ..including in Bulgaria where ..the show looks there EXACTLY as it does here ....just a different language. ANYWAY ...there was a lesbian scene on that show that I stumbled upon accidentally (or as accidentally as you can when you google search big brother and lesbian LOL) ...and it was incredibly real, tender and hot. So...I didn't want to fill this blog up with alot of youtube vids but here is another one that I had to share.

of course you have to be 18


Alicia said...

I try to avoid Big Brother at all costs. As far as I can tell, contestants tend to be egotistical, false and embarrassing. I'm very happy that lesbians are under-represented on the show.

Anonymous said...

Wow I think that was great you seem to find good stuff. I am for sure turned on! Thanks! *smile*

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