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Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


My Lesbian Desire for You Remains So Strong

A Love Note To Her and sooo inspired by her:

My desire for you remains so strong. It is so close I can feel it about to happen with us. You have stirred something in me that I havent really felt with a "crush" ...strong feelings of wanting to be made love to. I mean ..usually, I am just wanting soooo badly ti give pleasure, that it is not on my mind much to be concerened with my pleasure...and lately I am just dying to know what it feels like when I give you pleaure, but also, what it will be like when you give me the first tender touches with your fingers and your mouth. I will be so extra excited knowing it is your first time ...my hand gently in your hair perhaps ...or reaching for a breast / a nipple to caress as you kiss me there. Gawed as I write this my nipples are just so stiff ...I aching down there for your fingers and I am swollen in such desire of your fingers and tongues attention. I dont know how you are when you get very very horny ..but...I am taking shorter breaths and its just hard to think sort of ..very lightheaded ..almost like after a couple of drinks ya know ..so wet and wanting to be with you.

I want to get to that moment when my open mouth is just inches from your lovely object of my desire... ...knowing we are about to experience this first touch together. By this point I have felt your wetness with my fingertips ..felt your squirm and increased your desire by showering your breasts with attention. I can see it and smell its gentle fragrance...I lower my head so slowly for the first kiss and touch of the tip of my tongue to your sweet spot. I kiss an open mouth kiss there and lower to your lips and let my soft moan escape FINALLY here . feel your push against me softly as I go down lower, gently insert my toungue and use my thumb and finger to spread your lips so I can penetrate deeper....up and down and then in circular motion, just soft kisses...nothing designed yet to elicit the shudder from you thats coming when I fatten my tongue and lick inside your lips back up to your clit where I give you a dozen or so of my very rapid come inducing strokes to preview what you will know from me later. What I want from you in this moment is to KNOW that I HAVE you...cause if I don't yet, I am going to try harder to find the spot or the push or the tempo or the flick of my tongue at just the right pressure with just the right motion that gets the moan or the gasp or the grunt that tells me I have broke through the sex talk and the nerves of our first time to get to the bottom of your entire body's center of pleasure found with my fingers mouth and tongue buried with all the love I can give against your juicy swollen and aching vagina. We will both know when we are there together. Hold my hand or put a hand against my shoulder or my hair ...lay back and relax and know that its not gonna end until I have sucked every morsel of pent up lesbian desire from your long waiting for my passion place of pleasure. COming and coming again ...I will know when to stop and breathe and let you breathe...and when to slow down ..but only long enough to let the tingles subside until you are ready for my gusto again. Baby, let this go on...it is what gives me pleaure the most..dont take it from me...not til you cant take it anymore...and THEN ..even then, let me have some more. Let me do you like this, then you can suck me with your mouth ..knowing how very wet it made me ...covering your lips and cheeks with my flow ...let me drench you with my desire ..take your time to know me and learn me and I will help you along the way, probably not with words, but with a language the women making love know and that comes so easily and naturally that we will wonder why society keeps this ultimate pinnacle of mutal pleasure in the dark.

If you dont know baby how much I want you at this moment, I am going to go upstairs and lay on the bed ...on my stomach on top of a pillow and grinding against a "bug" vibrator...im going to pretend to hold you and swallow your body gently while warming and maybe even freeing your soul. Open your legs to me and let me devour you completely.


Anonymous said...

OK, I think I need to go have a cigarette. ;0) Nice, very nice.

tp said...

Smilin !!

Velvet Buzz Saw said...

Damn! To be so desired! You wouldn't be waiting long with me. Excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Super hot, love your blog....

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