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I think I THINK / HOPE I have found my lesbian lover ...not who I wrote about before.

She found me on myspace. Thinks are happening fast. We are exchanging emails daily ..and she lives close enough and with patience ...I just hope. It will be her first time :) I am soooo excited.

I can't share all that we have exchanged for it is so personal ..but here is a bit of a letter I sent her yesterday.

Now I would say that of course I like to come ...you would not believe the most times i orgasmed in one day once. It was alot..but I was like trying to set a record or something ha ha. It was the day I skipped school and was lent my first all lesbian VHS tape. I did myself allllll day long for real. I would say that if we hook up, my coming is NOT my priority...YOUR pleasure is. However...and this is weird...I have daydreamed about you going down on me ALOT since your pictures...that is an unusual daydream for me cause I am usually fanasizing about giving head and making out. (did i tell you yet that I get off on giving head ????) Making me come is not going to be difficult...so dont worry. It wont take much more than your fingers or your thigh...but I DO crave a warm loving tongue if you are willing?
You aked me what its like to be with a woman...while there is some truth to the "home team advantage" that girls just know what girls like ...its not automatically the best techniques. Believe it or not, men have given me the best head..not my 3 gf's. But, I will say..i think I exhausted all 3 before they got to me LOL :) It may be tha women know more what NOT to do...there arent any of those "what is he thinking" moments. ANd.. women KNOW how to give pleasure to the breasts TEN TIMES more than men. The last woman I was with was obsessed with my boobs..and I LOVED the attention. She would not..could not stop loving on them long enough for me to love on her...until I did...for hours :)

Oh gawd..I love to give head...feeling her reactions to each touch of my fingers and my tongue and lips...doing every imaginable pace and pressure and swirl and lick while gently fingering or sometimes swiftly fingering or concentrating on that sweet sweet spot inside. Oh I love the wet spot I create with the love in my tongue. I like to turn around...almost like a 69...but not with my pussy on her mouth...but where she can finger me...not finger me furiously...but just gently keeping me "interested"....while I work her lips and clit form upside down. I have always gotten the supreme compliments ....and while I thnk everyone is different..I DO think I give good head...and it helps to love what you do. The times I have been with women have not been quickies...they have been marathons ..where you are having sex for a 4th and 5th hour (or more) and wonder where the time went...like you just started..and you want more. I wrote about my times before and saved it...so here is what I said:

"Ive been with 3 women sexually.....was with the first one 3 times before we had a falling out ...that was when I was 18 ....I was 21 the next time and 4 years ago the last time (i am 30) ...and each of those two were just one time things that apparently meant alot more to me than it did to the women I was with. I would have to say that even though there are moments in each of these encounters that are unforgettable to me...But...that I still haven't well...maybe you will understand if I say ..I haven't really done it right yet!! Not the way I probably wish it would go ..but you don't get everything you wish for do you ...and I think alot of that comes from, of course, how your partner feels about what you are doing and what she is feeling.

I think what I realize ...and goes for dealings with me too ..is that something really wonderful sex does not equal feelings, emotions, passion and affection. I think I am someone who is most comfortable sexually giving ...like ..giving as much pleasure as I can to her (or him ) ....I usually want to / like to give til i can't give anymore --that is what really make ME feel it ...what turns me on ya know ? But in my experiences with women ...after I gave alot ...I think whatever I wanted back ...and I am not sure how to describe what I wanted back ...but it wasnt always there. I do know this...my sexual cravings for women are so strong. For years it hasn't been , or rarely has been, narrowed down to a single woman ...just the woman I connect with whenever. As I have moved into this stage of my life, I have memories of being obsessed by a boy or a man where all I would think about was HIS touch and what HE would do with me. I definitely thought of my first female lover that way ...only dreaming of her for many months before we actually hooked up. But now..it has been a broader, wanting of intimacy and it seems day to day, if not moment to moment about who I might want that with ...what her characteristics are like ... or how she might react to me. "

Ok...NOW...it IS narrowed down to one woman..YOU. I cant believe the emotions in only a week of emails (no i wont fall in love..i KNOW what I am getting into with you) I know if I dont do soemthing to screw this up or do soemthing or be something to make you dislike me, that I am going to give all of myself to you in bed. ALL of myself. You are beautiful to me. I cant wait for the first time we touch. I cant wait to know what its like when you come. :)

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