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A truely new experience of self love happened last week ....

I will call this "The Drive" as if it were fiction ...but it is completely true

I have a 20 to 25 minute drive from my work to where I live ..and I generally work from early in the morning to the early afternoon ..arriving home sometime in the early afternoon ..if I am lucky, with enough free time before I have to pick my child up from school, to spend a little time with "myself." That is, with email, on chat, in bed.... Often, when I know I will have a decent amount of private time, my thoughts begin to wander towards sex as I drive down the highway ...I begin to get wet with anticipation ..and I will put a finger or palm down against my jeans and give it a little push or a tickle.
I believe for the first time last week...one of the warm sunny first days of spring, with the window down on my way home, that I began to include my breasts as I was driving. This is a rural road, so this is not about putting on a show...but as I drove, I pinched my nipples and gently lifted and squeezed first the left and then the right breast ...realizing how "wrong" this was and that I had never done it before...not like this anyway..and also, very aware of how gooooood it was feeling...how much wetter my vagina was getting and how slowly it seemed the SUV was going down the road, because I felt I could not get home to "privacy" fast enough. What I had started in the vehicle was not going to need email, chat, or pornographic inspiration beyond what was already taking place. Bolder I fondled my breasts..now going underneath my blouse and the underwire of my bra ....letting go to let my hand down to my warmest place of desire where I was beggining to throb and pulsate a bit ...tingling with the "no turning back" feeling when masturbation goes from teasing and tickling to thrusting and frigging. Once on a ten hour drive to Atlanta with a skirt instead of the jeans I was wearing now on I tried to finish myself while driving in the middle of that night on the interstate. I had to quit when I rationed that I was speeding up and slowing down and driving so irregularly that a trooper would surely pull me over if I was observed....but then again, I thought...."maybe she will be a lovely, lonely, lady trooper , and maybe that wouldn't be so bad." But common sense and fear overcame me before the orgasm did, and that was that ...

So last week as this erotic drive continued, the thought ...no ..the desire it was ...to finger myself more than just on the outside of my jeans was building and building. I undid the button and slipped the zipper down the inch neccessary to let my hand slip inside. One hand on the wheel, my breasts craving even more attention now that they were being ignored ....and my fingers slipping under my panties to where I was wet and tingling for more concentrating touching than I was capable of in light of my current task of arriving home alive. My clit was hard and super sensitive ....my lips were on the verge of dripping ...and with my breathing I was beggining to pant. As I push deeper ...my first moan escapes my lips and of course I am thinking "this is just crazy...you have got to stop this." Its now instinct that guides my middle finger to increase the pace and my erotic soul begins to whisper to me "almost there...just a little bit more...don't stop."

Now this was happening in broad daylight ...and the rural setting outside my window was giving way to my town coming into view. Soon the speed limit would lower to 25mph, the stoplights would slow me further, and I would be less than a couple minutes from pulling into the driveway. This was not guaranteed relief .... as I imagined a neighbor being neighborly while I feigned polite conversation while my crotch flamed and throbbed. Something didn't want to leave my inevitable conclusion to the chance of that buzzkill....and as I came up on a sidestreet at the edge of town I remembered a small park that could be reached with two quick lefts. I didn't signal and almost put the SUV up on two wheels turning so late and so sharp...but down the street and next after the left the park came into view, and to my hearts content, I noticed no vehicles in the parking lot. Into the space, the vehicle in park, quickly leaning back, spreading my legs and now with no feet on any pedals I furiously fingered myself into an orgasm that gave off beautiful colors, caused my stomach muscles to tighten so that I almost doubled over into the steering wheel...and let go an "I don't care if anyone is nearby to hear this" gutteral "oooooohhh." as the aftershocks of my orgasm filtered themselves out of existence. It was defintely the best I had had in at least a year and perhaps more. I wondered why I had never done that before ...and if I ever would again.

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