Who Am I ? akiss2desire is a Bible Belt Blogging Bi Big Beautiful Babe who has been sharing her writing, mostly 1st person lesbian erotica, short stories, poetry, and lesbian pop culture realizations from both the experience and fantasy perspectives to an ever growing audience. I recently passed a million page views ! Thanks for the nominations for the Lezzie awards honoring best lesbian erotica on the web.

Those who have come here regularly know that I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting and publishing, but my past work is still here and if you are new here there is much to be consumed. I am working on several stories right now and writing from the same mix of experience and fantasy that readers have told me they loved.

Those stories will be the foundation of my upcoming compilation book. Today, you get to read for free. Welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


Now over a milliion page views

 Wow this is been a dream of mine when I realized it was possible probably two or three years ago and even though the number of hits and page views per day are down on my blog which I think is probably because I don't post as much as I used to,  I still can't believe how blessed I am to have had 1 million views of my artistic expression. This blog went over 1 million on Saturday  January 9, 2016 which honestly was a day that I was having a pretty crappy day. So this was definitely the high point of the day and might be for a long time .    Thank you thank you 1 million times thank you if you're reading this and you visited before and contributed to this as a regular or if you're one of the people that googled the terms like "first person lesbian erotica" or "Lesbian first time quote or, I seem to have a lot of  views every time I write about tribbing .   I have a  personal post about masturbation and my evolving as a lesbian in the nearly 10 years of this blog.   It should be posted within the week.


Featured Lesbian Erotica Author Interviewed = ME :)

I am honored to be one of the author interviews featured at a great website for anyone who enjoys erotica, and I am sure that is YOU because, well, here you are at my site for 1st person lesbian erotica and other stuff.   So the site is http://www.larskaiden.com/ and Lars is a very adept writer and curator of the best erotica.  He takes a tremendous interest in the authors and how they got to the creating of their craft.   I  will share my own author interview here on my site here, but you really should go to his site and read what other authors have to say to these intriguing questions and  on their works.

Once again, you'll fine my interview and others (much more famous erotica authors than I) at http://www.larskaiden.com/p/authors.html

And if YOU have a question for me, please write at akiss2desire@gmail.com 


When did you start writing erotica and why?
I had an ancient and laughable Apple IIe in my room as a teenager with those big floppy discs, the only thing it was good for was word processing, which was my parents intent. By an age that would make you blush I had begun having relations and fantasies, knew what Penthouse Forum was, and was having vivid fantasies that were soon overwhelmed by my lesbian intentions. When I got a real computer and AOL chat was all the rage I was using the written word to drive women and myself to orgasm. It started as writing "what I wish would happen" type stories, but then life took it's turns and writing was put away. A few things happened then simultaneously. 1-I got pregnant and put off of work so I had time at home to myself. 2-My heterosexual marriage fell apart. 3-I realized with hormones racing through my body that my sexual soul was lesbian, and it was time to quit calling myself "bisexual." While in the closet in a small town, writing about my experiences and fantasies helped keep my sexual sanity.

What inspires you to write in your genre?
I think any writer builds on a combination of experience and imagination. I had written some heterosexual erotica, but it was not in my heart. Lesbian experiences, though few, met with lesbian desire, which was plentiful. Once I started the blog, stories flowed out of me, and the inspiration to keep going was the feedback I got on the blog, on my writing on Literotica, and in email correspondence. Women were sharing themselves with me because I touched them with my writing.

What makes you different?
I am told that nobody writes first person erotica in the way that I do. Women can relate to what I share in my thoughts and actions. Lesbian women can relate because they have been there, and curious women know they want to be with me. I am told I write realistic conversations, and there is an easy answer why...because many of those conversations happened almost exactly as I write them.


You liked me ..you really liked me.

Hey to my akiss2desire sisterhood.

My story, The Lesbian Seduction of my Office Co-Worker (linked above)  came up at random as I was browsing Literotica.com last night about 2am.   It was originally posted in two parts here back in June of 2009.  

It was the first time one of my own stories came up at random on a site that I peruse fairly often and inspires me in moments of masturbation.  I hadn't read the story in a very long time, but took a deep breath and decided to delve into it.  Sure enough I agonized over it. I went through it criticizing myself for grammatical errors, a glaring mistake in explaining something that was obvious to me as the writer but would have been confusing to the reader, though it was the way it really happened I just didn't explain it, nor realize the mistake in numerous readings and a couple of re-writes. As always when I write, there were more than a couple of terribly long run on sentences.

BUT, on the very positive and uplifting side,  I also read something the way I used to write.  And yes, I thought it was damn good, and others told me so as well in posts I have pasted below.

In this story there is a mixture of fantasy and true experience, as many of my writings are.  This one stands out because some of the the dialogue between "Marcia" and I is written word for word as it occurred.  Some of the inner dialogue I have with myself is word for word as well, and my innermost thought at the time are accurately displayed.   If I go back and re-write this (again) it will have more of my very intimate and emotional struggle that saw my desperation to make love to her pitted against the very real possibility that a misinterpretation of our friendship, or a future falling out between us whether we made love or not, could spell the very end of my job and would cause a lot of explanation to people I wouldn't be able to tell a shred of the truth to.

A blog reader / fan wrote me an email a few months ago with several questions for me.  I love these emails and welcome them..and always answer them truthfully.  She asked me if this story was true, and without reading this back, remembered I had taken liberties and told her it wasn't totally true.  Last night I read it and was amazed how much I was just telling the story as it happened.  

Finally, as I have not been writing as much lately, and feeling like I may never be good enough to win awards or be offered real publishing, looked over these comments posted below.  They are inspiring.  It makes me feel good and perhaps I do have more to write.



Comments from readers of literotica

just one of the best ever written

you have taken lesbian love to a new level, what a compelling and unbelieveably hot story!
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by Anonymous07/09/09


I loved reading this story. It is one of the best I seen in a while. You should consider writing more of this story.
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by Anonymous07/09/09


That was just lovely. Please, let us read more about these two ladies.
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by Anonymous07/09/09

Bravo.... with an observation....

The last paragraph of this tale.... My Ex-Lady was a squirter. I can willing attest that there are ladies in the world that can in fact almost drown you if they're in the cowgirl position while receiving oral..... It's one of the thing I miss most about her.
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by ReallyIwould11/21/09

Love it

You are my new favorite writer! You have such a way with words!! Love it
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by Anonymous05/05/14

True seduction of co-worker in the best form!

Clearly, one of the best seduction stories I have read. I was over the edge, multiple times, imagining what it looked like while reading their story!! Awesome, lovely and extremely sexy!! Tell more!!



The 1st Timers Lesbian Guide to How To Give Oral Sex to a Woman You Desire

Oh how I love getting this very common question, posted again at a site I visit, (shybi.com) and here is the question and answer.

I'm in my early 20s and have only been with a girl once. We weren't together for very long but it was my first 'girl experience'. She went down on me once (which was pretty good), but I never got the chance to go down on her. To be honest, I wasn't extremely attracted to her, and for me to have incredible sex I have to feel 100% attracted to the person sexually and emotionally.

So, what is it like? Is it enjoyable? How do you know how to please her? I'm kind of scared I won't be good at it, or that I won't like how she tastes... I don't know! But I fantasize all the time about doing it to the woman I'm crushing on. But reality is always different. So, spill!

This is a great thread and over the years this topic has been explored in various ways on this very interesting and addicting site.  So this is the comment to the first timer who posted this and any others.  On my blog I sometimes take questions and whether it's solicited or not, I have either been asked "what to do," or complimented that "after I read your stories I understood what to do."     

The 1st thing to know, (besides that old Jed is a millionaire) is what someone said here.  That its very natural when you care for her and want to pleasure her in the most ultimate way.  Anything you are thinking about "technique" is solved by the fact that, trust me, you KNOW what to do, and secondly, hopefully she will communicate with you, not neccesarily with just words but more with writhing or moaning, what works better for her.   The second thing to know is that what is the best is how YOU will feel giving that pleasure.  And most women understand this, (but not all I know for fact) that being on the receiving end is a form of giving in and of itself.  The first time I did it I also wondered "am I doing it right" and even, knowing that some boys had left me "unsatisfied", I said to her, "don't worry, I won't stop until you come," and she replied, lovingly, "don't worry you're doing fine."  But it was the WAY she said "you are doing fine" that convinced me I really was and that she was nearing orgasm.  And armed with that confidence, it was easy from that point on with her and with every woman since.  Trust me in that it is just SO wonderful to feel that degree of closeness and togetherness, and with experience every first timer who becomes a second timer and beyond will know that its wonderful every time.     

For women looking for tips or technique, my advice is just TRY to make sure she is relaxed, and that does mean, as was stated earlier, going slow and teasingly at first with most women most times.  The best way to put her at ease and relaxed is to convince her with words and actions how MUCH you WANT to please her.  Thigh massage, boob massage, holding and cuddling, and touching her pussy at first in a less overtly sexual manner at first will lead to relaxation.  DO explore the clit and use your fingers to get the hood and flap out of the way at some point so that your tongue is ringing the bell.  And even when you find the magic way she loves it, still vary to other things and then come back.  So if she likes the flat tongue up and down, still back off and give her some circles, some gentle sucks, some tongue tip flicks, and some side tongue, lip grazes and gulpy french kisses.  (and oh yes, there are a million more ways ....wonderful to hope to know them all)   Get back with me after you do it and tell me if I was right that it's just the most wonderful experience. 

So what do you think blog readers ?  Do I give good advice or should I add or subtract something ? -Brenda

 Oh, and here is a link to a good article on the topic


Matchmade ! A Perfect Lesbian Set Up

First Person Lesbian Erotica from:
2015 all rights reserved

In the summer of 2014 it had been more than a year since I had been with a woman. At the time I was dwelling daily on my feelings of time flying by and, now in my late thirties, aging rapidly, and feeling I was aging rapidly out of “desirable” mode.   
The story starts two winters ago, in 2012.  After some very sexually fortunate things happened with not one but two college girls and a situation that zigged and zagged so violently that my emotions were taxed to the extreme.  So much so that even though the sex with each of the young women, (not at the same time) was nothing short of mind blowing,  that I have been, as a writer, so far unable to do justice to the  story for  the blog in all the months since it happened.  However, a post script to that story has led me to this one.  It is the story of a simply wonderful, straightforward "friends with benefits" afternoon with Andrea. 

I got a text from Elizabeth, who was the more outgoing and gregarious of the two co-eds who I had been with ...yes sexually ....yes as a woman...a "townie" if you will in her 30s.  Those two had played with my every emotion  for a couple of months, but also left me more sexually satisfied, in both the giving sense and the orgasmic sense,  than any other women ever in this all to brief period of confirmed lesbianism in my life.  With Elizabeth, and her roomate Karol Anne,  it had ended rather uncomfortably, with both girls finding out about each other’s relationship with me and deciding that I shouldn't destroy their friendship. That ended it, and it doesn’t feel good to be rejected after the lovemaking with both was so intense and diverse, with both of them ...EACH of them  telling me at least once that they loved me. 

But the differences were in the gaps, those references of reality.     There was the most obvious one, the age gap.  Then there was the I’m married and they aren’t gap.  Add into the mix the they are young and beautiful modern lesbian women and I am a very ordinary old fashion and in the closet gap.   I also suspect, sincerely, that they were just tired of me.  Ready to move on.   The regular sex…I mean sex with enthusiastic college girls… I was really getting used to and it sure ended suddenly, unexpectedly, and for me, very unhappily...and I went into a deep fit of both denial and depression afterwards, chastising myself for playing with such fire, and knowing in my heart it could not have lasted.    When for the blog I am finally able to finish telling the story of what happened two winters ago, I think I will be able as I write to easily convey just how incredibly fortunate I was to have such beautiful, fulfilling, adventurous lesbian sexual experiences with these two young women who both made me feel like a milf goddess and 10 years younger whenever I met with each individually in experiences that were not limited to the bedroom.  
And it was hard to really let it go, to believe it was gone.  So, I had always hoped that somehow I would reconnect with one or the other and fantasized about one or the other of them almost daily ...but most especially, I wanted the reconnection with wild, free spirited, and fearless Elizabeth.

Oh it's like I can't quit talking about that whole experience ...yet, this story is not about either of them, it's about Andrea.  (need to focus !) But one more thing about Elizabeth so it’s understandable.   Her "thing" was casual lesbian sex ..and often.  Craigslist and badoo and POF were MADE  with her in mind,  and the sex she preferred (or at least convinced me she preferred) was with older women, which is HOW she and I met, and HOW she met Andrea...and thus how Andrea and me would come to be together in passion and desire. 

On  the day I got the text from Elizabeth that made my heart zing, I was just down on myself…my work life, my family life…all were seemingly torn apart and at a low point, and my sex life ...at least my lesbian sex life (I don't count what I do with my husband)....had been non existent with little possibilities for way too long. .   My ever aging frame had recently transitioned from early thirties to mid thirties to now late thirties with all of the associated self-deprecating mirror moments that go along with that territory.  I remain still married to a man I haven't loved for years for no other reason it seems than for the need to keep a family together for my son, but I am still very lesbian in my heart, have realized this for over a decade now, and I'm  unable to find the escape hatch from the country girl in the closet life.  When this happened, I had been unable to fight the effects of powerful antidepressants that had pretty much destroyed my formerly “always on” libido...the same libido that kept me horny and, of importance to my lesbian erotica blog and its readers, kept me WRITING! 
 I had found a couple of sparks of what I perceived as good and inspired writing inside me, but couldn't pull together a whole story from start to finish in quite some time. I had tried writing from a more fictional standpoint in the style I had read in E-Books and at Literotica and it just felt silly, although I was told I was good at it.  My family life was going along with only blandness and a sense of servitude, my work life, pressured, but fortunate to have a job where I get to write at least some of the time.   At this time the only good thing was this dream vacation that was coming up.  I had just gone through all the preparations of the vacation of a lifetime, a cruise to the Bahamas.   That alone was making me feel that life was not so bad if I took a step back and compared it to true misery, it sure had become mundane in many ways and especially in the sexual fulfillment department, and even more disheartening was the fact that the lack of sex had somehow become acceptable to me.   Add to the down on myself is that for the first time in my always oversize life, I was starting to become a bit down on all aspects of my body.   My large breasts were…well I wouldn’t say rapidly sagging, but as I had these nude pics of the younger me to compare to, they had lost much of the perkiness, and had begun to show a few wrinkles.  The wrinkles  and creases that had seemed so minimal only a year ago were now looking so prominent when giving myself the up down in the mirror. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but I thought perhaps a plan of keeping clothes on during any future sexual activity might be devised. 
So against that more than slightly depressing slice of time backdrop, I got a text from young Elizabeth which is benign, but nonetheless expresses hope for me.  As she chimes in with, "Hey Brenda, how is summer so far ?   Need to talk to you about something ..call me when you can."  That followed by 3 hearts.    Of course, all I am hoping is "she wants to fuck me again ! ? ! ? !  I had kept in touch with her in a very distant and minimal fashion just  enough to update her on my non-existen sex life and meant for her to understand that the door was always open for her.  I mean, I thought, who could resist my twirling tongue forever once she's had it right ?  

Nah, I quickly realize, that would be  too good to be true ...but maybe.   .....maybe???  I am nothing if not for an abundance of blind hope sometimes.

I had gotten that text while I was at home so I had to get out of the house, and at the first opportunity,  I make the excuse to my husband to drive to 7-11, "slurpees for the family"  so I can have the privacy to call her.  On the way there I hope for the best and fear the worst.  The worst does indeed cross my mind.  "What if she needs to tell me she has an STD?" I think to myself.  Elizabeth is the very definition of promiscuous.  I wonder what could it be a million times and as I shut off the car in the convenience story parking lot I nervously dial.  After some quick cordials to begin the chit chat (how are you, how is she, are you with anyone special -no, how about you - no) where my heart is beating out of my chest in anticipation and hopefulness, and in fact as I picture her as she presented herself once to me, already nude, perky and young breasts levitating, and ber body that one afternoon was even centerfold posed and waiting for me on her bed, I began to even get wet at the thought of her blonde, athletic  beauty.    My voice was hurried because I was excited ...however her voice was hurried because, well, she was just taking care of business with me.   The reality sets in that this is not about she and I getting together to wrap thighs together, no quite the contrary.  She begins to gives me a tantalizing tease of what she wants to discuss with a bit of a serious tone in her voice.

" Hey I can't talk much right now but hey, Brenda, how would you like to meet a girl ...um...a woman I should say ..who I think would be perfect for you.  I mean, she's your age, she got a pretty georgeous body, and she loves ...I mean LOVES to enjoy, shall we say, what it is that you do best."

"Oh," I laughed, "What I do best ?  I guess I will take that as a compliment." 

"Oh my gawd Brenda, Karol Anne and I stll talk about it ..you're the boss with your tongue ..but you know that already."  She trailed off with some seriousness as if she was afraid she might have hurt my feelings,  and though I hesitated and considered the thought of posing the question that if I am so good, how come neither one comes to me for a willing tongue lashing, I decided to try to be humorous and said "well if you really feel that way you have my permission to write my number on the ladies room bathroom wall at the college."  

She laughed, "I know right ?   You're such a  Cougar!  I mean right  ?"

"Yeah right !   So have you found anyone special or still a player?"

"  Ohhhh you know me.  (long pause) Hey they're all special.   But yeah, I'm having fun ...there's a girl on the basketball team I'm hanging with and I'm still on craigslist ..you know me.  "

"Well, yeah, set me up with one of THOSE girls right ?"

"Oh ..I wouldn't rule that out.  But anyway ..yeah...um,  I am going to send you an email tonight about someone I met ...thought you two might get along maybe ..no wait ..I'm SURE you will get along....I don't know ...it's up to you.  I mean, I think you'd like her,and she'd like you, and if you want yall can take it from there. Get together and talk bad about me behind my back or something."

"Never...but you've been with her ? I won't even ask you how she tasted."

"I'm saying too much.  But, she's like you.  She has very wet orgasms.  So there is a lot of her to taste...I mean, I just need to shut up.  Whatever, hey  I'll send you an email ok ?"  

I tried to protest faintly..."what ..what do you mean?  Playing matchmaker ?  Can't believe you are trying to set me up.” 

"Yeah maybe ...no worries ...setting you up because ...you know..sex girl...maybe yall can get together and trust me, you won't be unhappy ..and I know you ..she's gonna be happy ...so whats not to like?"

I probably should have filtered what I said because it was ungrateful, but, "You're throwing me your leftovers Elizabeth ?"

" I don't know, " and then with resignation, "Nahh...its not like that," she laughed, "just trust me.  You are both so much the same I can't help myself.  If you hook up, look, I know about these things. Trust me?"

"What did you tell her about me ?"

"Ahhh you know...all the good things.  I mean...you came up.  I wondered if she knew you, then told her she ought to know you, and so that kind of thing."

"So you're now Match.com ?"

"Well you know," she paused, " I'm a psyche major so, that could be a good backup" she laughed. 
"Elizabeth! I swear...you are crazy. I miss you ..was hoping you were calling cause you ...umm"

"Yeah...well, you know...
""Elizabeth, you are the best ..the absolute best..."
"I won't tell Karol Anne you said that."
"Karol Anne agrees...she told me herself.  I hope she's ok too."
"She is ..."
"Do yall ever?"
"You know...she's there whenever I need the itch scratched the way she scratches it," and with that a flurry of memories of making love with Elizabeth's brunette, big breasted roomate who dangerously  couldn't resist a tryst with me even if it put her friendship with her roomate Elizabeth in jeopardy.  But our spark was instantaneous when it happened and we were big girls and followed our desires.  And,  looking back, while making love with Elizabeth was a dramtic  performance each time on par with a Broadway play,  With Karol Anne, experiences were intense, a bit brooding, but determined and calculated pleasure giving  like no other lesbian lover I've known.  She knew how to make every second one of our time together count for our  mutual pleasure as if it were a mission.  Unlike Elizabeth, Karol Anne had either no concept of her own beauty, or if she was aware, if mattered to her not at all.  For Elizabeth, she was almost in "notice me" pageant mode at all times.  She made me feel like, and I am sure all of her other lovers feel like "how lucky you are to make love to me."  However, she could get away with it, and I believe that plays better with older woman like me than with girls her own age, thus her sexual preference of cougars.  And just to finish all of this and reitterate, each, in her own way, was SO good. 

So someday I will convey the total and complete story of the short lived lesbian love triangle of Elizabeth, Karol Anne, and I.  The phone call with Elizabeth brought it all back ..and as we prepared to hang up, I was convinced that my desire for her would never go away, and would never again be fullfilled.

My mind was swirling at this turn of events in my life because I couldn't deny I'd like a hookup with someone.   I  believed Elizabeth had  a sincere zeal for the intention of my happiness as if it would bring her some as well.  Her final plea to me to accept her reccomendation as it were was to sell sell sell.  " She has tremendous boobs ...just like you...I'll tell you more ..ok ? I  gotta go."
Awkwardly "Ok ..well ..I'll look for your email right ?  Thanks ..its great talking to you...I'd love to see you sometime."  But I knew she was done with me and moved on.  

"Yeah see ya."
"I miss you," I tried desperately to inspire her non existent interest.

"Miss you too...later." 

And that was that, and in a pure emotional mess in my car in the parking lot of the 7-11, I didn't know whether to laugh, or to cry.  My emotions were unable to prevent a short spurt of the latter, with tears welling up and the urge to scream came over me so suddenly that I couldn't stop it from coming out. 

I took a deep breath and went " WHOA !"
OK…she didn’t want to fuck me, that was clear.  But I was happy inside because perhaps I was going to get laid.  And by a girl with big boobs and a gushing pussy no doubt, although that was very  little to nothing to know about someone one had already made the mind up to fuck.  The huge adrenaline rush of just calling Elizabeth and hearing her voice in the first place was sustained now with enormous anticipation. I pulled myself together to enter the store with a probably bewildered look, made my purchases of Orbit gum, a Mountain Dew Slurpee, and what the heck, one random scratcher ticket which, by the way, ended up being a $5 winner. Perhaps it was a sign I thought. A lucky day. 

So that was that, for after a brief optimism that Elizabeth might miss my mouth or my boobs that she clamored on and on about when we were lovers, it was initially a bit of a letdown that her phone call wasn’t about the two of us,  but at least I quickly figured out in trying to set me up with someone, she didn’t harbor a bitterness in the way we ended it, so in a way, that was awesome ..it had been too long, and just the thought of what was to come in her email was getting me juicy...perhaps I should say juicier at this point .. in a hurry.

That night she followed through with a few paragraphs about meeting Andrea and that the two hit it off and hooked up a couple of times (as had she and I) but the relationship had run it's course for both of them  She told me that she brought the subject of our affair to Andrea a few times and noted the similarities between the both of us in both situation and as lovers.   As Andrea had joked with her that she ought to introduce us, Elizabeth had shared an R rated picture of me and decided that the interest was sincere on Andrea's part. "So she's already seen my breasts," I thought.  So surreal, but then again, every experience involving Elizabeth fit that descriptive term.   Now it was my turn to see Andrea, and sure enough, Elizabeth was correct in assuming we would be attracted to one another. 

Andrea's non nude pictures were as follows: A selfie she had taken in the drivers seat of her SUV in sunglasses and shoulder length sandy blonde hair in  a  Steelers jersey that showed a tremendous smile and personality, and to show her body more, a gorgeous picture in an olive colored  bridesmaid dress where her eyes were made up fantastically, a hint of her large breast cleavage caused my mouth to water, and her arm showing off a large tattoo of a peacock feather and the words "stay strong."   I wondered which of my R rated photos had been shared with her, but I hoped the one where my boobs hang perfectly while I am leaning over brushing my hair, a very spontaneous shot my husband had taken in better times with us, and more youthful times for my tits.   My just showered wet dark hair in that picture hangs over one breast accidentally but beautifully, my pink areolae and non erect nipple draw focus of one’s eyes, and my baby blue eye shadow and red lips painted a picture of me as woman who was absolutely ready for sex.  Lesbian sex.    The other picture I suspected she saw was one where my robe was pulled open to show to good, my boobs, and the bad as it were, my pooch belly that I have always felt it was better to be honest that I am a big girl than to find out later someone whose craigslist ad I was answering didn't care for fat girls.  In any event, it was clear she had seen more of me than me of her, and I noted that in my first email to her, as I decided to break the ice by writing that very night. 
Andrea and I each wrote two very long emails to one another commenting on our mutual married mom in the closet lifestyle, and the history of our lesbian trysts.   She was still very sexually active and in love with her husband, my story was the opposite.  She had had one intense high school lesbian experience and only recently blossomed with experiences and formerly chat experiences had become face to face, lips to lips meetings.  It did seem that neither of us were willing to fully talk about our shared experience of Elizabeth as a lover, only agreeing that she was an amazing giver in bed and completely shameless.   A new picture Andrea sent to me of her sent thrills through my body, though once again, G rated. waves of just past the ears hair, sultry eyes, and a purple turtleneck with a scarf dipped down towards her breasts which were clearly very ample as I am prone to love. 

Next, we exchanged numbers and agreed on a time to call, where once again as the time approached, where I would be calling on my lunch hour from my work parking lot, we talked quite a bit in mutual admiration society confab about each other’s pictures.  I told her in the phone conversation that her look of innocence was compelling, and that she did not look to be in her mid-thirties.   In emails we shared some mutual sexual likes …mine to perform cunnilingus until my mouth was numb, and she to cuddle and caress with her mouth full of nipple and breast, and so it seemed, we were perfectly matched as Elizabeth had said.  In the emails and the phone conversation we had found an ease of trust and felt instantly like we could tell each other anything.   
After 2 emails and the sincere, non phone sex conversation, the plan became to meet for the first time in the hotel room, bypassing the usual public place meeting of a first meeting.   I picked a nicer hotel than the always affordable local Motel 6, using some travel points I had acquired from my credit card for this luxury for a woman I sensed was more sophisticated than some I had trysted with.  I was to get there first and acquire the room and text here the room number, and when she was able to get off work for the afternoon she was to text me when she was there. No false pretense or public meeting or making sure that we had chemistry before going to the room.  Our emails and phone chat had answered the questions of whether or not we wanted each other quite enough….and with only a couple of hours to be together we mutually decided we would go straight to the bed to maximize our skin to skin time. We were clearly ready to get down and into each other.

I had secured a half day off from work and on the way to our point of rendezvous, my morning of a million thoughts became a billion thoughts now free of work distraction.  Truly, I hadn’t been able to work much while at my desk, while under my skirt my hornied pussy was almost to the point of puddling while imagining every sapphic variable of the afternoon to come. Each minute seemed like ten minutes as the clock could not get to the afternoon in any reasonable time.  Finally, off work, to the parking lot, I almost skipped to my car with pure anticipatory glee.

As the self-proclaimed queen of lesbian hotel sex (from earlier stories on my blog), I came into the lobby which had a very nice atmosphere with very comfortable furniture and a sofa you could sink into next to a fire place, and wondered if I should greet Andrea down here …but that was not the plan, though it might have made for a bit of romance which I was by now craving with her.   After checking in to 2nd floor room at a little after 1pm, and getting the air conditioning on to cool the stifling midday July heat, I sent my text and began the wait that I knew would be at least an hour and turned out to be nearly two. Those two hours were torture for me with pacing, Facebook checking, reminding my husband by text that I wasn’t sure how late I’d get home from work, and waited and waited with giddiness for our first encounter. 

I had decided to greet Andrea in bedroom dress and had informed her of that fact, so I had brought along a new knee length Vera Wang sleep shirt that didn’t show my cleavage but clinged nicely to the curve of my bosom and as I looked in the mirror to check the fit decided that I liked the way the light pink fabric was just sheer enough to identify the shape and size of my nipples and even hinted at their color through the material.  I stroked my breast and the nipple stood out, and unable to help myself, I stroked my pussy a few times and knew I was already ready for orgasm and she hadn’t gotten there yet. 

 Then I sat …and waited …and thought ..and waited.  And thought.  About a million things ..because that’s what I do. I thought about the over a year since I had been with a woman ..and the two years since I had been with a woman that wasn’t a college girl.  I thought about how different I had grown to feel about my lesbian inner self since both of those experiences. I thought and laughed “what a great lifetime movie the story of my small town closeted lesbian mom life would make.” Had I become so jaded as to be comfortable with fucking for the sake of fucking ?  How I felt I had lost some of the little girl wonder of my previous sexual experiences, that it felt as though I was just treating Andrea as a sex object and glad to be treated that way by her.  There was much more matter of fact taking care of business than any other lesbian encounter, and I wondered if at some point in the afternoon, a bit of a flame that seemed diminished would rekindle and respark when we began to love on one another and make love with the intensity that I expected to occur.   I’d no way of really knowing if we were going for a gentle experience or something rougher, or how the power sharing would go.  I worried about everything and yet, while sitting on the fairly comfortable room chair with my feet propped up and pink painted toenails I considered how logically I was taking all this.  I had certainly more experience than most women in meetings like this. In fact, it was hard to deny that the S word (slut) might be a good description for what I had become in my almost always meet through the internet lesbian affairs.   Each time I had been in a blindish date meeting situation, my nerves would always get the best of me.  This time, with Andrea, I had all those thoughts but almost none of the anxiety.  In fact I reasoned, I was downright calm. It was just comforting to me to know that after all this time, within a matter of minutes, I presumed I would be tasting pussy again, the most wonderful thing I love to do.  
"Pulling into the parking lot" came the text, and moment was finally here. Minutes later, she knocked and I opened, and I invited her in, stood back for a second, and let out a deep breath and sigh of relief that it was finally here. My sigh was acknowledged by a smile that felt like she was as glad to finally have me in her presence as much.

“I got here as fast as I could...didn't have time to put on any make up.  Gosh, you are so much appealing in person than your pictures,” she complimented, and I returned sincerely, “you are a beautiful one Andrea …so natural.”  And she was a very earthy, creamy skinned, plump and voluptuous, and as Elizabeth and the pictured suggested, a very large breasted middle aged woman. "Wow ..usually I'm the girl with the big tits," I joked and was relieved when she smiled at my minimal attempt at humor.   Wearing the most mundane of navy nurse scrubs and still with her hospital security badge clipped to her top, with a smart and straight cut shoulder length haircut that drew me to her soft skinned neck I instantly began to dream about sucking on.  I let her sharp grey eyes cut through me another moment before our natural embrace, my arms reaching down to pull her into me as I was a good 4 or 5 inches taller than she was.  “It’s so nice to meet you Andrea,” I sighed into her hair.   Our embrace went longer than a welcome hug until after about 30 seconds she looked upward at me and said “this feels good.” 

I broke the hug to let her get acclimated, “well put your bag down,” I said motioning to her small cloth back white with yellow ducks. “That’s cute….I like your ducks.”  “Thank you, got it in Nags Head, and I thought it was fun,” and she looked for the place to put it, settled on the first table closest to the door, looking down put her keys away, and then seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of time with her back turned to me digging in her purse.  Her neck craned around the room as she took in the surroundings.   “This is a nice room ..wow.”  “Didn’t pay a nickel for it..got it on points …but I wanted our short time to be comfortable.”   "Well it is ..very nice...king sized bed...that'll be fun!"   I thought how nice it was that perhaps she was as anxious to get to fucking as I had been while waiting the two hours in the room.   I didn't want to rush, but I was just so ready to go, and seeing her in person and feeling her softness, the desire and tingling was ready to turn into throbbing.  As I looked her up and down while her back was turned, my mouth was already hungering for Andrea's pussy, my lips were primed for those gorgeous tits, and I was starting to calculate where the kissing would begin and how soon the clothes could come off.  Knowing after a quick greeting that I was ready to fuck and had been all day, I didn’t know what was too aggressive, but that hug had sure felt SO good, and I loved having her warm body next to me. 
So I approached her from behind and encircled my arms around her again, avoiding temptation to go right for a grasp on her breasts, and just wrapping around her waist, and let her raise up and lean back against me.  She eased into me as if we'd been lovers before, with instincts taking over.    I kissed her neck gently and pondered about how blatantly fast I was moving on this woman who had just gotten off work and walked into the room less than five minutes before.  I instantly wanted her and we had already pretty much agreed upon the fact that we were hot for each other and going to go to bed together, but what was too fast, too harsh.   Was this pushing it too much ?  Somehow I thought, I didn’t care.

I sighed deeply again and gently grasping her hand turned her towards me, gaped my mouth and admitted a slow down point to exclaim "Ummmm maybe I should offer to get you a drink ?  I got a 7-Up...didn't bring the Seagrams though."  

"You ....smell....so....GOOD!" she stated slowly and convincingly.  The compliment sent tingles down my spine.  That afternoon I had gotten to wear for the first time the 150 dollar perfume I had gotten on the cruise for 1/3 the price as they sell it.   She took an approaching step and leaned her short in stature body against me with her arms encircling my neck.  "Thank you, it's a bottle I got on the ...." and was cut off by her open mouth and warm tongue first nuzzling and then gently sucking on my neck which stopped me in mid sentence.  And I thought “YES” and let out a sigh / moan in the most pleasant of surprises.  Her teeth and tongue pulled on my skin and my knees started to buckle, and she again  declared “you smell delightful Brenda,mmmm and you taste good too.”

So, this was absolutely perfect, as the engine had been started and revved .  With two fingers under her chin I tilted her up towards me and directly looking into her eyes for the first time said "lemme see how you taste," and laid into her with the most incredible, natural, very deep kiss with all of my tongue and all of her tongue coming back.  Our eyes were closed but I opened mine first and her soft and submissive eyes melted me.

With that our eye contact became intensified and combined with the two of just smiling. “Youuuuu look like …..you wanna kiss me again Brenda?”  I half giggled, “you think I’m that easy ?”  “Uh huh,” and with the tilt of her head our mouths melted into one another comfortable and easily then tongues slid past each other and into the warmth of desire.  For a few moments more we kissed and as she pulled apart from me it was as though we agreed that it was better than we dreamed and were together in that assertion.  And as I was ready to strip down right there and get under the covers, she broke our kiss and our embrace with a purpose and so suddenly I almost panicked at her body leaving my grasp.  She looked down and then past me towards the bathroom,” give me a few minutes ok?”   “Ahhhhhhh” I feigned not wanting to let her go.   “Don’t be long.”

She went back to her purse and pulled a purple bundle of fabric and unfurled it in front of me.  “I brought this ….what do you think ?”  She held up a very sexy nightie.   “I love the color…love the lace.”  “And the neckline ?” I took a deep breath before I said what I said in humor but also with honesty, and with no filter replied  “I think you just want to show off your tits….and with good reason,” and then I approached her again and gave her a gentle soft kiss on her lips without closing my eyes and said, probably cheesily, “I can’t wait to see you in that ..and....out of it.”

“You;’re driving me crazy, “ she said smiling, and I said back “You’re driving ME crazy.” 
And she initiated a warm, loving, very deep kiss which trailed down my chin to my neck, and after causing my body to shudder from that, back up she went with her mouth to again enter me deeply with her tongue.  It left me panting ..her as well.  “Good kisser.”   “So are you.”  So hard to let her go, but did with feigned grasp at her as she broke away.

“I’ll hurry,” she said and headed for the bathroom with only the chemise.

I stared to space, felt the fabric of my night dress over my nipples, wondered if it mattered whether or not to brush my hair again, and realized that my mouth had become dry …and my pussy was wet and throbbing. After reaching between my legs to check my pantyless wetness, I stood up and restlessly got  been busy pulling down the covers and fluffing the pillows, looking at the bed and realizing we were about to set it on fire.

When Andrea emerged after five minutes that seemed like eternity, her new nighty was very roomy on her and really didn’t fit on top but the good thing is that her breasts were nicely exposed almost to the nipple from the plunging lacy neck. She had a belly that I sure didn’t mind because of my own, and her fairly large thighs were appealing to me as clean shaven and creamy white.   I was already very obsessed by her breasts and knew already that the vision of them, the contact with them, and my infatuation with her colossal tits was going to make this the experience of a lifetime in that respect.

When she approached me, she was just breathtaking. The cliche that comes to mind is "body built for sex," but more true would be "body built for sex just for ME."  She was exactly what I would dare to dream of.  I loved the way she was dressed up, had made up her eyes a bit, and especially, that it was to impress me.  And I was definitely impressed.

"I can't believe how good that looks on you ...wow.  I mean...you are stunningly beautiful."

"awe thanks...."

"Seriously...like...do you want me to take a picture ?"

" oaaahh...I ...no I don't really think that I'm ready for that."

"No I'm sorry ...no worries ..I didn't mean to go there, and I have the mental picture saved anyway."

I took a very deep breath, and realized she had added a wonderfully sweet perfume so pleasant,  and let my breath out slowly and averted my gaze for a moment to avoid burning a hole through her with the focus of my intense and excited stare.

She noted aloud “Girl, your nipples are hard ..are you cold or happy to see me.”  Loved her flirty sense of humor.  And she reminded me that I had sent erotic pictures to her email when she said, "Well I ...I have been wanting to suck on your nipples for so long now. "

"My nipples are glad to hear that," I said half in jest and half excited in knowing that indeed was about to happen. 

It was nice that I felt we could banter and our chemistry was not in question, but there were two reasons to move to more serious matters.  One was that we had very limited time, and two was that my whole sexual self …my inner goddess if you will …was screaming to make love to her …and NOW. 
As we locked eyes and as she met me at the bed, sat next to me, and her hand reached out to meet mine and our fingers entwined, she repeated something she had told me on the phone.  “Baby, I want you to tell me what you want?” she said with erotic honesty.

I thought about several responses before settling on "I think we both want the same things."

My mouth was approaching hers, leaning in for the next kiss, and got a bit bold with my words by declaring in my best dirty girl voice, “I .....just..... want to fuuuck…can’t wait to fuck you….with my mouth ..with my hands…with my soul Andrea…." and then taking a deep breath I allowed the realization of my good fortune to overwhelm me that I had an involuntary shiver from head to toe and my next words were blurted "I’m so lucky to be with you.”

I was emotionally and sexually nearly overwhelmed, and felt from her that she was in this moment with me. I had a flurry of thoughts of more dirty talk to her because it seemed taken her breath away with the "want to fuck you" statement.  I could see it in her eyes.  I observed her gasp just a bit right before I kissed her, the sensual words evaporated from her parting to kiss me lips, “yes fuck me Brenda.”

WIth that we did a typical on the edge of the bed turned to each other kissing and holding hands, roaming hands, and sensual and passionate growing together and getting more comfortable with each kiss.  I was the one who was aggressive as she basically kept her head still while my mouth and tongue roamed her lips and inside her and my hands stroked her with my fingertips.

She gently raised her hand to first brush, and then grasped my left breast over my gown,, causing me to sigh and then I kissed her with urgency, welcoming her open mouth by deepening my kiss even more and with her voice barely above a whisper, “I have wanted you so much…all day.”  “Me too…all day.”

It was late afternoon and there was a soft light in the room as she cupped my breasts while our tongues tangled, perfectly touching me,moaning  into her mouth while I started to suck on her tongue.  She came out of that kiss to pull on my lower lip with her lips, a technique she had teased me with on the phone a few nights before. 

Panting now I tried to gain composure, “Can we go slow?

“Yes Brenda …You lead the way for us!” she commanded. “I’m so yours.”

“Lay down …there.”  And as I wished she scooted towards the middle of the bed and comforted herself upon the plush and almost too numerous pillows. 

I pulled up next to her and began to suck gently upon her neck, then tickled the back of her neck with my right hand letting my fingers linger to pet her and incite her to tingle with my fingertips, and then stroking around her neck and over her shoulder ever so tenderly before arriving at the cusp of her cleavage where I nuzzled dreamily for a bit against the softest skin, pondering the weight and girth of her mounds, and delighting in the elegance of her purple lacy fabric. 

My inner voice wanted to word fuck her more as I tugged on the fabric, sliding my fingertips back and forth against her skin underneath the lace. .  "This is the most beautiful thing and you look like a goddess...I mean it's perfect for you."  To my nuzzling I added my extended tongue against the soft skin of the top of her right breast and asked her "do you want me to leave this on you?" 
"I dunno...you wanna leave it on me ?” she said as her hand naturally pushed me gently into her breast with her hand against the back of my neck.

I looked upward past her parted and pouty pink lips and directly into her eyes, and when that happens and just right, sensuous eye contact states a thousand things and causes a flood of emotions for me  .  It's a great feeling to be literally just minutes into a physical relationship and have the sensation that we both had trust, respect, and chemistry.  She made me feel adored, and my whole body sexual fire was growing and raging with orgasmic promise and the pleasant pulsations from between my legs were quickly burgeoning into powerful throbs with each moments touch.

"You look so pretty in this ...I am dying to tear it off of you ....but you are so beautiful," I mumbled into her cleavage and softly moaned.
She gave me a sweet "mmmmmm" and I responded with the same and raised my hand toward her chest.  "Give me this."

Her hand rose to cover mine as she and I together pulled the enormous left breast to exposition to the coolness of the air conditioned room, and shortly after the second orb followed, plopping out as she threw her head backward to look towards the ceiling at just the moment my mouth met upon the first of her nipples so gloriously pink and with huge areolas and sticking out so erect in between my lips and my mouth. 
I pushed the top of her sexy and silky fabric down totally, past her hips and sensuously down her sides  to her hips to expose her snow white soft skin from the waist up.   I treasured her heaving breasts, first with my eyes, surveying every tiny bump or freckle.  Her chest was blushing pink, her nipples were stiffened from excitement and a visually dominant feature any artist would be blessed to sketch or paint, a feature I was committing to permanent memory    But the rest of her upper body was a vast ocean of milky white, sensitive skin that I began to devour with my hands, and mouth, adding whispers of "incredible," and "beautiful baby, " which was accompanied by her soft moaning and pulling me into her with her fingers and hands.  Glancing upward as I kissed and licked she alternated between watching me work on her and when a particular nerve was hit her head would jerk backwards as her body tensed or twitched in appreciation for my ministrations.
Mutual attraction within a first time encounter like this has got to be one of the greatest naturally occurring aphrodisiacs available to the human sexual experience.  Each time I feasted on her beauty with my eyes, oh the full body flutter, and the total mind fuck of pleasure when it was clear she was doing the same to me.

Sucking her nipple harder and harder, relishing and admiring the pure beauty of the huge pink areola with tantalizing bumps my tongue tip couldn’t leave alone, the moment of how long I had waited for this and wanted for this and as it happened with the loveliest, softest, heaviest breasts, I buried my face into her left boob while enveloping her entire chest with my gripping fingers, kneading and pulling her into me, "great tits," I mumbled before latching onto and then seemingly being  unable to unlatch my mouth from her incredible and perfect left breast.  My right hand was gently groping, gripping, and even tickle scratching her other breast, and her hand grasped mine over top and as she gently forced my hand to squeeze with more authority, I welcomed the invitation to her breast that I was sloppily and slippery licking and swallowing to attend to her other breast , which felt cool and dry against my hot wet tongue, and I knew this sensation to be among the finest feelings, so  swallowing  her nipple and as much breast as I could suck into my mouth gave me as much or more pleasure as I was giving her.  I once again opened as wide as I could comfortably and took as much of her breast into my mouth to suck, massage, and lick. In fact, as my tongue increased speed and I was delirious in feeling her writhe against me, I was slurping and sucking as we moved together, and it was glorious.  These wonderful seconds became minutes before I pushed both of her boobs together and wildly and sultrily licked her nipples like I would lick her pussy.  She had encouraged me with more than a few soft moans that went upward in pitch and exemplified her increasing loss of control. Oh how I love a girl whose breasts are sensitive enough to get pre orgasmic over loving them.  Knowing all this was making her cunt drip was making me feel like a terrible tease.  I was already moaning into her chest when she reached down to oblige my breasts over the fabric of my nighty, but then, with this rapid tonguing she pushed her body against me stronger.  How wonderful it felt to me that she was already losing her bearings …and let me hear her breathing and higher pitched, louder indications of her growing excitement. All this before I ever got involved with her pussy with anything more than a token, teasing graze. 
She lifted up a bit and my hands and arms went from total attention to her breasts to wrapping my arms around her, gently squeezing her buttocks, and then just holding her, locking my arms by my wrists and pulling her boobs and body close to me.  I am a breast worshipper from either a distance or up close, and hers were so exciting to me with size, shape and texture. 

I was ready to get her out of her gown and she lifted and helped me pull it down over her waist and off her knees and to the bottom of the bed.  Never mind her chubby belly with a little flab that I had in common with her, her body was a sight to behold for me as my eyes focused once again on the vision of her gorgeous breasts and then downward to her honeypot.  Her pussy was a trimmed bush of soft hair surrounding a very pronounced outer labia.  Pink and brown folds of skin enveloped a substantial clitoral hood much like I had seen from bigger girls in porn vids but had not had the pleasure of sucking upon in my dozen lesbian lovers.  What a striking beauty laying before me with her eyes begging me to fuck her with my mouth. 

I was still committed to her breasts, so I quelled my visual admiration of her pussy to mount her, crawling on top of her to a dominant moment while each of us saw the hunger in one another’s eyes.  It felt like slow motion as I approached to deeply kiss her, her open mouth and soft tongue welcoming me to kiss her in the manner I had promised her in an email exchange where she too wanted the open mouth probing and sucking tongue kisses that shot tingles all over my body in her passionate response.   I opened my eyes and hers were already open, perhaps they were through the entire length of the minutes of kissing while our bodies intervened with one another and nothing had ever felt so right.   We enjoyed even more of our making sweet eye contact to each others delight, I whispered "you feel so good to me,” before lowering my head to again gulp one breast and another.  Her arms that had been holding me now joined around my neck  while caressing me to guide me into her as I began to lick and flick one nipple upon the other ..and squeeze and lift her into my wide open mouth applying full suction and a provoking scrape of my teeth.  Andrea’s hips were pushing up and were writhing , and how sweet the sound was of her softly moaning under me and telling me I was “so good,” and calling me “honey.”

While all this was passionate, fast moving, and very hot sex, it was also still materializing as our intended slow, sensuous and intensifying love making.   I think each of us was aware that there was an abundance of breast love occuring but it felt so very right.  But, it was becoming torture for both of us now for me not to get her pussy involved, and so as I continued with my mouth on her nipples and the soft skin of her entire bosom, my heavy breathing and excitement was becoming more like panting in the tumult of our excitement, we seemed to pause a moment to catch our breath and gather some of the gravity of the magic we were making, where I KNEW how good it was, and sensed from her as well that we were seemingly built for sex with each other. 
And though I obsess about describing what I was doing to her, her touch was ever so perfect each moment.  Fingertips into muscles of my shoulders or grips upon my hand or arm continued, as did the wonderful feeling of her skin against me writhing and grinding against me. 
Very deep desires were spilling out from each action and reaction, and then we had this very very telling moment.  We had met in a hotel room to fuck, but there was no doubt it was going so well that we were starting to feel something.  Both of us.  It was just beginning but it was unmistakable when we looked deeply into each others eyes, both of us simmering and starting to boil, and I replaced the gulping and sucking kisses upon her breasts with tiny and very loving ones that included just a light graze of tongue tip while I looked up to gauge her reaction which was indicative that I was doing what she liked.  But while it was about my needs, which she understood going into it was to give her ultimate pleasure, and her needs sexually, it was in that moment that I knew we had found something that had died in me over the last year, and I wondered if she was as awakened by me as her body and loving her had awakened the lesbian to the core me. 

I always wonder what "too much" talking can do for the mood in the middle of sex, but I spoke as I kissed her nipple....

"Can I ask you something (kiss) my love?"
"Do you feel this...I mean...do you understand (suck) how (kiss) you (kiss) are making me feel?
She replied with a breathy "like this feels like the first time?"
"Like you're a dream ?"
"You're my dream Brenda..."
"I'm falling for you baby," and longly licked her erect nipple.
"Are you ?"
"I can' t keep from saying I love you,"
I saw her eyes well up and mine did too as she clutched me.
"I thought if I said that ...oh gawd Brenda....I do...I love you..."
I moaned and sucked into her breast, inhaling and sucking harder "it's scary."
"Brenda I'm not..." she paused...."afraid of loving you"
"mmmm so good....so beautiful...mmmm"
"Gonna fuck me baby?"
""Fuck you so good,"
The she repeated a burst of several soft sweet "fuck me" pleas while our embrace intensified.

Yes, I have said that I have been in love during lesbian sex almost every time, but this was a feeling of paradise and a total juxtaposition of the way she felt, responded, and the raging roar of my hormones reacting to the way she was making me feel.  I never before felt as though the two of us were goddess's starting a journey as though the sky had opened and showered us with a golden gift of lesbian trust and comfort unfelt before so quickly.

I was going down on her next and we both knew it, but we were paused and enjoying our closeness and our words with each other stroking each other to the tingles and goose bumps of togetherness.   But the fucking ...oh the fucking was crying "let's get on with it." 

 I needed to eat her pussy so badly, and I KNEW where her body was ...in a furious madness that longed for the convulsions my mouth and tongue were ready to provide.  I felt that all of the circumstances that led up to our bodies together so tight in that bed, the foreplay we were sharing, and our honesty in our words had ripened her pussy where she NEEDED to come that first time.
My own body, being fed from her expressions of pleasure, my desire to go slow was being taken over by the unavoidable urge to unleash my always lethal weapon, my always complimented mouth, in a more aggressive way.  I love giving love with my mouth, for nothing else makes me feel more at home and at total confident ease than when I am giving pleasure that way.  Yes, one can deduce that I have a brash and unapologetic conceit about these skills, which don’t come from any magic technique or learned artistry, but rather a consistent dedication to creating a lovers ultimate pleasure and my own passion for the give and take of sexual response triggered by my mouth, lips, tongue and desire.  I always know when the delay is over and I begin my pussy worship, how extremely comfortable I will become, and how each woman makes me feel like I have awakened something deeper in them than they have felt before. It is just all the anticipation of getting to the oral apex of the experience that builds in me during wonderful foreplay, but reaches, as it had here, a tipping point for which I positively cannot think straight until I quench my addictive thirst and hunger for a sopping wet, throbbing, pulsating pussy and its first tingling touch against my wanting lips. My need for cunnilingus had arrived but the give and take or our sexual experience was still evolving and at this point it was unclear how much longer my need would be starved.

I could feel it all over her even though I hadn’t touched her pussy yet with any more than my thigh.  She interrupted my intention…”lemme see your titties.” That delicious country girl accent in her voice.  Ordinarily, the word “titties” can make me cringe, but it sounded so natural from her, and genuine. She was country girl smart, but “titties” was her word and so I just went with it.  I have a vanity about my breasts, and usually love exposing them to a lover for the first time.  Always a “ta da” moment for me.  I raised up and pulled down the stretchy fabric of my gown and plopped them out one after another, lifted them and pinched my nipple, and looked towards her eyes to find them surveying my body with apparent lust. This is me putting on a show I guess. My “am I pretty?” moment I suppose.  Trying to see her reaction and cause even more reaction. I liked her looking at me THAT intently, and reached down towards my right boob and lifted it up to my mouth to take my nipple in between my lips and suck while never breaking eye contact with her. She stared and then moanfully sighed which encouraged me to believe that sucking my own tit was a visual she enjoyed.  I shifted up in the bed and positioned my breast over her mouth and lowered my tit into her mouth.  My leg dragged on her so that my thigh was making contact with her moist pussy, and oh gawd how wet it was against me,  and my own already throbbing pussy felt electrified when she began to gobble upon my nipple and bobble my breast with her soft hands.  

She was giving me what I liked after all…I was able to convince her of my need to be a giver of pleasure, and so far, she was allowing me to “do” her as I pleased, but now with my tit in her mouth my vagina was within a quick reach down for her and barely a tap upon my thighs my legs spread open and I scrunched closer and more under her as her finger grazed up from near my knee to her middle finger pushing into me as we both marked a familiar squish.  She was sucking my breast so incredibly wonderfully.  "You're so wet Brenda, " Andrea gasped before clamping down once again on my tit.  Taking as much at one time inside her mouth and twirling her tongue, and then flicking my nipple, then sucking hard and squeezing, the sensation was heavenly and I didn't want it to quit.  Somehow the power torch had been passed to her because she was taking advantage of the heat I felt all over, with my eyes rolling back and her mouth in harmony with her thumb that she circled on my clit which nearly jolted me towards an instant orgasm.  

"Can I keep going," she asked for permisison.
"mmm keep going Andrea."

Prodding me, working me slowly, I melted against her while her fingers pushed and twiddled over the fabric of my nighty, against my thighs, and back into the folds of my drenched lips and into my warm and welcoming door to my pleasure.   She brought my clit through three stages of excitement in a matter of a few seconds and expert feathery fingertip strokes.  My clit responded from 1-tickle, next to the 2- hot tingle, and soon to the 3-blood infused thickening and throbbing of my whole pelvic self  while my legs squirmed to demand more of her touch. It was one of those moments where time absolutely stands still from the total body thrill.   Only moments before I was ready to receive her flood upon my chin, and now she had quite turned the tables on me with her loving .  And it crystalized to me that SHE was such an accomplished and equally confident lover.  She knew my cunt that moment without any doubt was hers.  She knew my pussy  that moment like she had been doing it for years.  We both knew with a circular rub of her palm and her thumb and finger my dripping pussy would have gushed in the rapture of my release. I was THAT ready to let go.  But I never like to come first, and in our conversations, she knew that, and so, just like a man will stop thrusting to save his own orgasm for later, she stopped her assault on me just before I went over the edge, though it was a moment of the sweetest kind of torture between us.

With her mouth eventually disengaged from my breast I lowered my body down next to her again and my mouth settled comfortably against her neck to lick and suck her there while the sides of her face were feathered by her hair against my cheek.  The sweet and long teasing session was about to transform into a direct quest for orgasmic release.

I finally reached down to touch her pussy, sliding up from her opening to encircle her clit with my fingers and feel the wetness and the fullness.  She was easily the most wet of anyone women I had ever touched.  Her moan was more of a groan of completion. Above her slippery slit, that clit was as pronounced as any I had known, and now it’s not untrue to say that the mixture of loving emotion, shared affection, and one after the other carnal delights was causing me to quite literally see rainbows. 

It is always an exquisite thrill to drink in how a woman processes and verbalizes or physicalizes the pure pleasure of the hyper sexual sensations achieved when I launch the ascension to orgasm.  It's the most addictive thing of lesbian sex.  It's as if the soul regresses right back to cave woman where you can feel a woman’s rational thought subside to nothing, and for Andrea to clamp into the skin of my shoulder with her fingers when my fingers harvested her desire after barely an introduction of touch.  It's usually as if a woman hands her soul to me the moment I begin to establish that my desire to please her is now in control until I relinquish that power.  My several fingers involved simultaneously pried her lips apart, encircled her easily accessible clit, and entered her with two fingers plunging into the second knuckle deep.  Her head jerked almost violently to the side, her teeth clinched, and her muscles tightened involuntarily, and the noise came from somewhere deeper as a part grunt, part squeak of ecstasy.  

Another author, the one who writes about red rooms of pain and such, has described the moments of an inner goddess singing.  Indeed, that was my feeling and thought. 

"FFFFFUCK," she cried out with her thighs first tightening in on me, and then gently relaxing as her legs spread outward, knees pulling up, and breathing as though her last gasp was upon her, the expression on her face indistinguishable between this pleasure or what it might show in great pain. 

"Oh yes," I whispered and shivered just as much as she against her softness.

"Oh god," she tightened and readied to release, but I eased because ...well...because I need it in my mouth.   I have to say that ALL I wanted to do was do what I do …perform cunnilingus …and for pretty much whatever hour and a half we might have left if I could. I my position to come at her from above, that plan was thwarted when, however she found the strength or will to resist me, and she reached under me and got on my button again with her palm.   Now we each held a handful of sloppy wet pussy and with her eyes open and pleading, her thumb and finger went into an urgency in it's dance upon my sex, while I responded by increasing my own velocity and pressure.  See this is how I always tell women to make love to me …to enjoy my mouth while keeping my pussy “interested” I say in what I call a “near 69” position, but on this afternoon and in thi bed, she had me in a position of being more horny that I had ever been in my entire life   I so so so badly wanted to taste her but all my sense were obliterated by her mastery of what I like.  I was suddenly under her fingering spell, and it looked like perhaps I’d be the first to come and my oral on her would become the encore. Our lovemaking had evolved to this friendly competition.  I pleaded “what are you doing Andrea?”  Our eyes locked together, we realized we were magically going to arrive together in moments, each of us individually, and in our own way together, and all that mattered was that it continue.  I am sure I resisted ...giving her my orgasm was like giving up something I always felt was a right in lesbian sex for me, my right to do her to exhaustion FIRST.  But, mesmerized and now, able to bend my intentions long enough to enjoy this wonderment ..each of us fingering each other, teasing, like arriving at the top of Niagra Falls together, Each so close, and never before feeling such a combination of both sexual fullfillment and what had manifested into a hastily gathered love of one another’s commitment to this ultimate of lesbian sex experiences.   She was expert over my pussy, wildly and perfectly swift with just the right pressure, and combined with our closeness, as I loved the feel of her body so close to me  and her breasts swaying while she lay on her back as she touched, tickled, and clawed at my pussy causing my passions to become more torrid by the second.  While she had invited me to guide us and I always want to be the first to lead my lover to orgasm, as if I just said “I give up,” at the way this beautiful virtuoso with her hands was building my desire, as my breathing increased and I began to feel a tad faint.  

"I Love you," we said to each other at almost the same time, and keeping our arms and hands in motion erupted violently into each others hands and into each others body on the bed side by side.  Each of us knowing how to slow down and regain the pressure to extract more twitches and thrusts of subsiding orgasm for both of us as the mellow happiness and disbelief at what had happened and the way it did. Down down down I came and she did too, as I pondered the disbelief that I STILL hadn’t eaten her yet, and of how this had evolved, and how clearly wonderfully satisfied we both were at that moment, while resting up for more.

And we each began to giggle. And caress.  And lovingly touch.  And breathe.  And sigh. 
A few moments later I leaned back away from her and one swooped my “why is this still on me” nighty over my head.  I then rolled off of her, fell back upon the pillows and pulled her on me,  inviting her to make love to me from on top of me.  “I want to feel your weight on me baby,” I whispered, and made myself more comfortable laying back on the pillow. She topped me and went straight back for my breast in her mouth again, as she leaned down to take me with a deep sucking, slurping mouth, as I felt soooo much of my boob be devoured by her, giving it to me almost exactly as I demonstrated to her that perhaps I might like it that way.  “oh so good….perfect…never better…gawd so good Andrea” I cried and moaned.  Different it had been …so different it would be.

Her hand was withdrawn for perhaps too long from my pussy, as I was so ready to explode again, building from her perfection on my boobs once again.  I still thought, every single second I thought as it loudly demands from my inner goddess "When on when do I get her in my mouth," but this different turn was working so wonderfully for both of us.   I knew I would tell her later that nobody ever made love to me this way, but for now I was just kissing her back for all it was worth and enjoying her hands and mouth explore my body, especially above the waist but as the minutes went on, down to my thighs and then back against my swollen lips. She was such a good lover in so many ways and took me out of my comfort zone while making me completely comfortable.  Her rhythmic grinding accompanied this  for what may have been fully 10 minutes she made out with me on top, sucking my nipples and caressing my breasts, gently kissing my nipples and deeply tongue kissing me with every sensuous nerve trembling at her deft touch and tongue, while the two of us wiggled our legs together, increasing contact with our , enjoying the slow progression of our passion unbelievably all-consuming immersion into each other and the wonderment of being turned out like no woman had ever rolled me before.  She could have my next orgasm at the moment of touch, but the prolonging was a delicious agony. 

As she rose towards me to kiss me one time I got my hands under her and guided her upward farther so that I positioned her  to hang her breast over me to dangle her stiff nipple and half dollar size areole upon my lips….I sucked wonderfully and heard her acknowledge that we had shared a lover when I heard her say,” she said you like this.”   “Love it,” I said into her breast muffled, and heard excitement in her voice as it cracked “I do too…oh my god.” 
The voice inside my head was now screaming to turn her over and eat her for all the time we had left that afternoon, but I couldn't resist what spilled out, a reference to our common lover.   "Did she tell you I'd want to sit on your face ?"

" .....(laughing) as a matter of fact,"  and I contemplated and weighed the what would happen next.  I decided to go with the flow of how we arrived here so naturally.  "May I ?"
She scrunched down in the bed. "C'mon"

I climbed and arrived to mount her. Climbing over her breasts to her shoulders to plant my pussy against her. 
I stroked her back with my fingertips gently, I wanted all of this but it was getting increasingly time for at least the first grand finale of these fireworks. 

All in just a few seconds her hands are creating sensations all over with her magic touch. Reaching up at me and over my shoulders, down my side, over my belly and underneath my boobs. There are moments of eye contact happening that are piercing into my soul in such a way that while we both know we are following a friends with benefits strategy …a sexual release fling for us both..that there are flashes of love happening as if we see it in each other and beg one another to answer with emotive acknowledgement “did you feel that too ?”

She has turned me in these minutes into more of a bottom than I have ever been and with a hand cupping underneath her hanging breast, I feel it slip out of my fingers because she is kissing her way downward from my mound to what will in moments be her mouth on me and in me with me straddling her from above.   
And so, like a child on ice cream day, I am elated that for once it’s ‘me first” and that’s a feeling of mixed regret, because it’s not what I PLANNED or wanted, but also, sheer delight in the way she is treating me and one also of need before my rapture begins, I feel at this point, as soon as the tip of her tongue connects with any spot down there.   Oh, but she teases my thigh, and then over my lips with her mouth, then adding her finger into the soaking crevice and it just feels sooooo good I shuddder.   I lift up my thighs and my knees to reposition above her, and then I spread my legs widely and as her marvelous head of hair approaches my urgent venue, she noses around in my bush which even though is trimmed on the outskirts, has grown out enough to where I am hoping its ok with her, as it the status of shaved or not shaved had not come up in our email and verbal discoveries.  As she proceeds I believe it's acceptable, and I try to shut my brain off from thinking about anything but relaxing and enjoying such a wonderful moment with such a beautiful woman I feel so compatible with. 

I sink my fingers into the soft skin of her neck and call her forward with an arch towards her to meet her mouth full on. Her tongue begins churning and unhesitatingly and without shame I start to make noises that sound like an animal is near death.  An impossible combination of tension and forced relaxation of various muscles in response, where legs are buckling and my hips are wriggling, my hands are clutching at her and my stomach muscles …all of my body conspiring upon the time of my imminent and immense orgasm building, and at some point my every nerve ending from around my clit explodes, somehow given permission to exult all manner of relief and potential, but it’s her skill, talent and affection that causes this orgasm that has layers built not just over the last 20 minutes, but indeed one that seems to have been building for more than a year since I’ve been with a woman, begins to roll into orgasmic waves of pleasure that crash upon the shore of my surrender.  Such a powerful explosion accompanied by near fainting sensation, gasping, teeth clinching and all of the electricity radiating from my clit and vaginal walls directly to my gut, my nipples, my toes and my powerfully beating heart. I know I am flooding her mouth, neck, shoulders and pillow below with a drowning amount of fluid in this release, and forgive myself as I know she must understand.  My faculties gone a little more each burst, yet her mouth and tongue struggle forward without any loss of stamina, absorbing the drenching we are both aware of as my gushing pour out of me.  My built up orgasms are always extremely wet, with no squirting but one would believe I had urinated on the sheets when one of these happens, and I always fear the "back off" response but this is not the case at all in the waves of this powerfully pulsating explosion in her mouth.   Each one of us are making sounds we’d rather not hear played back, but are sounds that go along with the feelings, the emotion, and the sheer dismantling of me by everything she has done to me in this bed with her magnificent mouth and radiant personality. 
Oh she is so good and knows my rhythm. I am conscious of trying not to totally give way on my knees to not crush her, but I can tell she is ok and can handle it.   She slows it and gently and lovingly segues my body into the meltdown of an afterglow.  I still want her in my mouth, but I am still tingling, glowing, vibrating and ultra-sensitive at any tickle of her tongue against my vagina. 

"Baby," I somehow muster the ability to speak again, but start to giggle because it just sounds like I am drunk. She giggles with me a bit and moans into my thigh, I look down at her and her eyes looking upward at me create a primal, deep appreciation of her beauty and sends a shockwave that travels through my heart, strafes my nipples, and makes my pussy quiver near her wet with my juices lips, mouth, and cheeks.  A beautiful moment of which I will keep a freeze frame of in the minds file for life.  
I roll off of her and down into the bed but somehow she stays connected between my legs and we roll into a position of her being down on me beautifully looking up at me. 
"Baby," I try again through my still panting open mouth.   "Can you come ...and .... umm.. (I laugh) .sit on MY face or something...I want to eat you but I don't think I can move."  We smile and the small laugh lets off a little steam, but it's still so wonderful, and she is still holding an advantage on me where I am at her mercy and my wishes are just that.  And so, she indeed defies me of that wish.  "Not yet Brenda."  "Not yet ????" 

She strokes my pussy with the back of her fingers lovingly, her fingertips gently entering me, toying with me to test if I am calmed enough for her to take another go at me, and I submit by squirming backwards into the mattress and upwards towards her hand to beckon her.   Just before I close my eyes I see her lower her lips towards my clit and lovingly begin to suck softly, creating the start of the next buildup.   My clit surrounded by her lips and her suction applied, my clit feels a combination of tickling and throbbing, and when she opened her mouth wider and pulled me into her with her tongue and the inhalation of my sex, she took my breath away and caused me to shudder and nearly violently dig my fingers into the back of her hair. 

She suddenly pulled away and just as quickly began to scoot upwards into the bed space to my left with a couple of kisses on my skin as she pulled herself upward.  Her mouth arrived at my left nipple and the sensation of sensuality warmed me and surrounded me as she surrounded my breast with kisses and open mouth sucking where I was able to compare and contrast within the minute the feeling that my stiff nipple had with the feeling my equally stiff clit had engulfed in her increasingly impressive to me expert mouth.  But as she came up to do that she also grasped me with her right hand and sloshing entered me with two fingers. 
Now what happened in the next ten minutes is hard to describe, and even as it was occurring, I was thinking, "how do I write about this," because, weirdly, for me, that is part of my every sexual experience. 
OH her hands.  Oh her ungodly, marvelously talented, amazingly intuitive fingers. At me again and again and again in this afternoon, and here yet again doing it with no mercy.  What she did to me to produce my next and another next orgasms will live with me forever.  Her talents down there were accompanied by such wonderful writhing against me, sucking of my breast, kissing my neck and a few deep and passionate kisses pulled so close while her tongue danced in my mouth as her fingers simultaneously twirled in so many ways and found nerves that had not ever been awakened in quite that way.  It wasn’t just her expert hands, but yes, she played my pussy like a musician, and even though that's cliche, I did later find out that she plays piano, and with each finger and thumb and her palm all involved, she exchanged multiple tempos and pressures upon me, varying degrees of entering me, entering me deeply, and leaving me open to her finger fucking some more in a craving kind of way.  But the dancing on and around my clit with those fingers was un-fucking-believable.
 Whomever was in the next room of the hotel room, or for that matter the hallway, or perhaps even out in the parking lot heard the gasps, squeals and high pitched gatherings of my soul vocally expressed against her.   I came hard ...I came hard again, and her intermission between the two was a two or so minute soul kiss session where I am quite sure my soul jumped out of my body and into hers.  Such a combination of emotion and physical pleasure which included embarrassment at the loss of control, fear that I couldn't possibly deserve something so wonderful, a tad bit of greed creeping, and I will confess I even felt a little violated in how on earth someone could dismantle me in this way. Indeed what a surprise to me that I ..Miss perfect pussy eater …could be loved this way…could be TURNED this way.

She was penetrating my fucked up feelings and taking my mind and body to places unknown to me and  that all went along with the insanity of the masterful delivering of my satisfaction.  In the moments before the final come I felt as though a marathon runner must feel at the end of the achievement where I was digging in to get it finished in any way, and when I popped and the pre orgasmic pulsations became the third flood on the sheets, her "yes yes yes" to me, the wild and furious speed at which she was perfectly pounding my clit with her fingertips, not only caused the cliche of angelic choirs to sing as I came, but also, as with the choir analogy, I felt as though it were like ten orgasms released at once, much like, I think, when you eat a grape and it’s wonderful, but insert a handful of grapes and redouble the flavors.  I cried "no more no more" and felt the muscles release to exhaustion, and in a total adrenaline fueled crumble of emotions where, as she held me as wonderfully tight as a woman has ever held me, I began to cry uncontrollably.   She whispered and smiled "oh baby,' as she definitely understood what she had done to me. 
We just laid there for minutes silent with me stroking her shoulder and holding her close to me. 

"Still want me to sit on you like that?" she broke the silence?   My strength was regaining, "maybe later," and began to gather myself to respond to her with an equally eager desire to please her. 

 I wish there was a name for the heightened level of excitement when a woman responds to your tongue or your fingering …where she combines quick upwards thrusts of her hips and short gasps of breath as pleasure builds.  It’s rather common and so beautiful …it should have a name I think. 
I kiss her and she pants into my mouth. She needs no additional moisture but I still enjoy licking my fingers before reinserting them. When I lick my fingers I glance at her and she is engrossed in watching me do this and she makes me feel like it pleases her to observe this.  When I begin again she jolts her hips back up to meet my fingers and the look on her face, if taken out of context, could easily be mistaken for excruciating pain instead of the complete opposite.  I am admiring every scintillating moment of her beauty.   The way her long auburn hair lays on the pillow to the side and above her head, her creamy breast exposed to me with fully erect nipples, and the softness of her shoulder speckled with just a few adorable freckles. 

Gently diving down and diving down again and again with my middle and forefinger, tracing her lips and repeatedly inserting and removing. Twirling around her clit and finding a new tingle spot with each ministration.

I can’t help but replay the events that got us here…from Elizabeth saying, "I met this girl ..cool chick ...she's your age, same situation as you, married, kids, in the closet ..all that.  Anyway, I thought the two of yall might hit it off if you met ...so I showed her your picture, told her all the good things about you, and she is interested. 
 I kiss her and she pants into my mouth. I begin to kiss and nip and lick my way down from her cheek to her neck, grazing my cheek along her nipple feels so good as it remains erect against my skin, and then all the way down to between her legs. 

For me, there are two best ways to perform cunninglingus.  I prefer being upside down and attacking from above.   But from below, pussy is best served on a platter ..and the platter is a soft pillow that I slide under her butt cheeks as she lift up to oblige me.  

The fleecy soft pubic hair above her flower delightful flower so very appealing to me in every way.  The upward look towards her just fill me with wonderment when she looks downward at me with such tenderness and affection.  She knows from our conversations how much I enjoy this, and we both know that this begins a wonderful ride.  She’s relaxed, but also, an eagerness is evident …she needs me and her unsteady breathing and the spotty blushing on her cheeks and chest like the way my own get color wonderfully against her milky skin and the white sheets we lay upon. That “my makeup has gone to hell” look with her mussed up hair is one of the loveliest yet also sexy sullied looks that just inflames me to the core. I love to just look at a pussy and take it all in.  For whatever reason a woman’s scent here almost always does nothing really for me, unlike so many erotic authors who write that it’s intoxicating or the like, but with Andrea, perhaps because of the emotions I was feeling, or the intensity of her wetness so unmistakable, or perhaps also that it had been so very long since I had been ready to devour pussy, the essence was to me …ok I will say it ..intoxicating!

For me there is so much running through my veins and my mind that I am about to burst with joy, all before I have started.  But start I must and with a knowing look upward to meet her eyes I lower my head into her as she welcomes me by widening her legs and gently adjusting her hips so that my mouth meets her vagina almost as if we are kissing.  
Licking her at first with a delicate touch of the tip of my tongue on her clit and the flat licking of her labia, I curled around her button thinking how beautiful her entire pussy was in front of me. My hands massage down all the way to her calves, up behind her knee with a gentle stroking, and then kneading the tensed muscles of her inner thigh, rubbing and relaxing her there, and kissing with love and tenderness while feeling the softness of her skin and the few silky fibers of hair sprouted there. 

While giving massage of inner thighs, then pushing a finger through her lips, my tongue danced around her lips and then first my thumb on her clit in circular motions, joined by my tongue licking slowly and tauntingly. I did some of my head and neck back and forth motion while connecting my barely pursed lips, a technique that always brings response of delight, then turned my head mostly 90 degrees sideways to flick what for me was up and down but to her side to side on her pronounced clitoris.  In my mind I felt this was ” the place I was meant to be.” Her repertoire of pleasure noises and undulating against my mouth pussy urged me on towards staying alert to her signs of increasing bliss. Riding my mouth on top of the pillow, the oral fucking included some deep tonguing, reach ups towards her breast and nipples, sumptuous eye contact, gentle seasoning of her sensation with the tip of my tongue, and worshipful, ravenous consumption of her cunt while each of us noted the others gasping for any possible next lung full of air to fuel the next wave.     
I tend to moan into a woman when she’s getting close and the more intense my moans got inside her the more intensely her quivering and shaking was. Yes, I am prideful of the pleasure I give this way, and for this moment, while her peak was imminent, I wanted, of course, to call on all my senses and experience to reach for the highest peak possible for her, which would resonate in my own soul. 
I surrounded her clit with my lips and and tongue. Bobbed my head and repeated the process with a few strokes of a mini – clit blowjob and her thighs started to quake even more noticeably..perhaps less delicately than before.   My purposeful sucking intensifying and both of our passion deepening.  Slurping and popping noises accompany my endeavors. She is gripping the mattress with such intensity with her left hand as her right hand stays in my hair and softly shakes …or grips…or strokes…or before orgasm, gently yanks out of control on me.  “Yes pull on it…suck it and pull on it like that…oh my gawd.” She rocks her hips hard and the contraction signals she has arrived to orgasm in a big and wonderful way.  Her hips bucking presenting the challenge to maintain contact in my feasting.  A loud and unabashed scream accompanies a wild thrust of her hips into me, then retreating into the mattress for a few seconds while I continue to lick to bring about another convulsion against my open mouth and rapidly clit licking tongue.  I’m wildly excited by the sight as I look up and she lifts and roughly squeezes her breast and nipple to join with the sensations.  And I think about all the buildup through all of everything that day and that afternoon, and think, “yes this was worth it.”
I back off enough to let the violent after orgasm shudders fade into softer ones and back into the mattress as she gains composure …we both do... again. A moment for the fog to clear.  Neither of us are under any illusion of stopping here at orgasm number one, but the next must be cultivated and cultured with teasing….my choice as she is at this point not instructing or directing me…a point I appreciate although a little communication is never a bad thing.  I am feeling so close to her and feel it’s mutual as I am playfully now laying between her legs and toying with her.  I push her lips together covering her clit while just staring lovingly at the beauty of her sex.  Squeezing her clit between her lips elicits a different tone in her moaning and I think touches a different nerve of her sexual soul …I can see it in her eyes when I look upwards at her.  Next is something so fulfilling to me in the experience. The glistening seepage I observe while longingly gazing at her pussy is a permanently saved image I will always cherish.  She isn’t just wet but what really gets me off is the actual feverish heat that emanates from her down here.

When I sensed through my teasing that enough time or enough tickle sensation had subsided enough to go forward I lowered my head in to begin to devour once more, and receiving no oral objection or body language recoil, I begin to joyfully, dutifully, lap and suck her as before.  It’s like we have the hang of each other now and its comfortable and familiar, this orgasm builds very rapidly and with only a couple of encouraging “I sure like that” southern coaxings, she and I ramp up towards another big one.  Orgasms are, of course, an ultimate goal and the thing for which neither of us can do without indeed, but each lick, suck and kiss that gets us there is as exquisite as the goal.  Each tangy taste, shift of position, pleasure experiment completed…  every tense and wonderfully tortuous tease or gratifying lick, moan and undulation, as every bit as gratifying as the forthcoming explosion.  If the orgasm seems mundane in comparison, its easy for me to replay each thing that got us there to savor the entire happening.  So this one builds, it explodes, it is loving…I insist its more than a number.   But I could never have stopped there …and I next learn, neither could she.   The magma of her volcanic explosion was rising …and as we later discussed, for her, as it was for me, it was not just what or how we were doing it, but the passion with which our lovemaking was proceeding. She later explained to me she was getting off on how I get off in her pleasure, which she saw in herself as well. But more about that later.

Now…of all the small talk and sex talk so vivid in my memory from that day, nothing is more vivid than this. 
In the moment after that “eh that was good” orgasm I presumed I would again slow down and build her back up towards more of our mutual pleasure, because there was no way I was done yet and was more than willing to be patient.  The only thing I was sure of is that I was NOT relinquishing my meal of her throbbing pussy.  Apparently she agreed, as I was surprised at the fierceness of her desire.  She sounded desperate and immediately ready for another orgasm, and I would soon learn, biggest of all climax. How I love a woman who communicates !
“Ohhhhhhh  please (she pleaded) keeeeeep going.....”
“mmmm kay” I moaned into her and kept my rapid tongue flicking while feeling her tension build again.
She panted,” if you keep doing …OH GAWD …If you keep doing that….”
“mmmmmmm” into her I moaned again
“if you keep doing that…….oh ….ahh…if you ….uh…keep …cmon ..cmon baby….its going to get messy ok….ok ?   this ….is……it….  
I licked harder and over and over lapped her clit and two fingered her.
“gonna get messy….ok ?”  She was warning me but we both knew it was not only ok, it was what I craved. 
And then she went with her thighs squeezing against me, both her hands clutching my head and my hair, and the crescendo of the squeal and hard hard breathing, this orgasm brought a first gush while she was still totally tensed in the height of the pulsation, and then as my finger withdrew and her muscles relaxed I gulped a wave of love. Slowing down for a few seconds to regroup, but knowing she had one right after the other, I probed to see if she might go again.  Back onto her stiff clit I sucked in and then briskly flicking her clit again with my agile tongue and lips, sure enough, here she came again in just seconds with another more subdued but still formidable blast.  “oh again…oh again” she cried above me a she reached again, and in this one, our hands clasped in sisterly togetherness. 

Our time was limited and with what we had left we made mostly vanilla love and made each other come with ease until we just felt we had to stop for time….but felt we could go on for hours…if not for days.  Passion, and indeed, a love between us began that day, and we were instantly comfortable enough with each other to know the adventures to come would be explored with trust and respect for each other needs and wants. It can’t get much better than that.

Allow me some self-reflection before posting and analysis if you will.  In lesbianism, ever since I realized those feeling inside me in my early teens, I realize the analogy that homosexuality is a bit like making love to yourself.  I suppose that’s unavoidable because we women have all the same pleasure parts , but the analogy definitely fails when considering the individual bodies, experiences, wants and needs, trusts and interactions, nerve sensitivities, fantasy fullfillments, and total and complete differences that are present each time women make love.  So it IS the same because we are both women …but it can NEVER be the same because the differences and variable are infinite.

Now, with Andrea, it became more and more apparent that first time together, that with her it really was like making love to myself, if that can be said. We talked about it in the afterglow   We had been set up by a common lover who no doubt saw how much we were the same, and probably, not being one to usually set two women up, could not resist the urge when realizing that Andrea and I, as lovers, were undeniably compatible, where perhaps, the only conflict would be who would be able to claim that they had pleased the other more.
And so, a week later, Elizabeth, our former college age lover, contacted me and we talked frankly about the experience and even about the sex.  “I knew …I just knew you two would be perfect.  I’d love to see what is like when the two of you go at it.”

To which I replied, “ If you want to see it ?  We might be able to arrange that.”   Well I was joking but …..

And that, dear readers, will be a story for another time.

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